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QuickClips is the manufacturer of the Australian made all stainless steel pyrotechnic attachment connector. Our Goal is to provide the pyrotechnics industry of the world with our products at an affordable price without compromising quality.

SlimClips Features

  • All stainless steel construction for strength and anti corrosion
  • Industrial strengthen nylon
  • Comes with stainless nut and kep nut
  • Easy release of wires
  • Wires will not pull out
  • Fit up to 5 ignites in single clip
  • Durable waterproof
  • Comes in red and black:
  • Easy and inexpensive to replace standard mini clips
  • Rugged design can handle the harsh environment expected at a display
  • Fit and finish high quality design
  • Universal design for PCB mount or hardwired
  • These are the actual discount prices
  • Discount quantity on total order
  • NO additional discount
  • 10,000 +above (please contact us for pricing)
  • Optional solder lug .10 EA


  • Overall diameter .506 in (9.00 mm)
  • Overall length 1.480 inc  (37.59 mm)
  • Height above mounting surface .5995 inc (15.23 mm)
  • Depth below mounting surface .866 inc  (22 mm)
  • Mounting hole diameter .275 inc  (7 mm)
  • Mounting surface thickness .0315 in-.1187 inc (0.8mm-4.75 mm)
  • Material Stainless steel spring, washer, nut and kep nut W/3 mm thread
  • Plastic Strength nylon
  • Shipping weight .215 ounces  (6.1 grams)
  • Available colors Red and black sold individually
  • Note this item is designed for temporary low voltage (48 volts or less)Center post Stainless steel
Remember these are stainless steel (not tin plated brass)

SlimClips 2D Drawing

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Red, Black

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