1shot Handheld Firing System


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1shot Handheld Firing System

1Shot Handheld High Voltage Firing System this is a must to have when you want to set off over 50 E-matchers at once.

  • Auto Discharge capacitor built in
  • Small compact unit
  • Built in continuity testing
  • Can fire over 50 e-matches in series
  • 2 x AA battery (not included)
  • V-out: 190v DC
  • Size: 130.00mm x 78.97mm x 24.00mm

How Too Fire
Hold the charge button down and when the RED LED is one press the FIRE button while your still holding down the charge button down.

Continuity Testing
When you hold down the charge button down the GREEN LED will turn on if you have good continuity.


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